Teacher Talk Group Meeting Summary / Best Practices

Note:  Form revised effective January 11, 2013 based on recommendations from support coaches and approved by the Collaborative


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NC Teacher Standard(s) / Elements Impacted (Check all that apply):


1. Teachers demonstrate leadership

A. Leads in the classroom.
B. Leads in the school.
C. Leads the teaching profession.
D. Advocates for the school and students.
E. Demonstrates high ethical standards.

4. Teachers facilitate learning for the students.

A. Knows the ways in which learning takes place, and the appropriate levels of intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of students.
B. Plans instruction appropriate for students.
C. Uses a variety of instructional methods.
D.  Integrates and utilizes technology in instruction.
E. Helps students develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
F. Helps students work in teams and develop leadership qualities.
G. Communicates effectively.
H. Uses a variety of methods to assess what each student has learned.

2. Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population.

A. Provides an environment that is inviting, respectful, supportive, inclusive and flexible.
B. Embraces diversity in the school community and in the world.
C. Treats students as individuals.
D. Adapts teaching for the benefit of students with special needs.
E. Works collaboratively with families and significant adults in the lives of their students.

3. Teachers know the content they teach.


Aligns instruction with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.


Knows the content appropriate to the teaching specialty.


Recognizes the interconnectedness of content areas/disciplines.


Makes instruction relevant to students.




5. Teachers reflect on their own practice.


Analyzes student learning.
B. Links professional growth to professional goals.
C. Functions effectively in a complex, dynamic environment.




Agenda Format  
I.   Introduction


a.  Purpose (focus)



b.  Desired Outcomes



c.  Stakeholders -- who attended this session (i.e., BTs, mentors, principal, superintendent)


II.   Welcome -- Overview and Icebreaker


III.   Program that meets desired outcomes


a.  Resources, research, materials, technology, etc.


b.  Strategies, activities, presenters, etc.


IV.   Reflections


a.  Did we meet desired outcomes?

b.  Next steps


V.   Evaluation - Feedback



  21st Century Skills (check all that apply to this session)




    Interconnectedness New standards evaluation measures focus



Global Awareness  

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