Beginning Teacher Conference Session Proposal

Crystal Coast Civic Center

Morehead City, North Carolina

April 27-29, 2018


The 2018 Collaborative Beginning Teacher Spring Conference will feature a series of 75-minute “Interest Sessions” highlighting developments and best practices in supporting beginning teachers.  If you are interested in sharing your ideas at the 2018 Spring Conference, please complete the fields below and submit this online application no later than January 26, 2018.  Registration will only be accepted online and does not guarantee participation.  Persons accepted for participation will be notified by the Collaborative Director.

If you are interested in being considered for more than one presentation topic, please submit a separate proposal for each topic.

Please note that all presenters serve on a contributing basis for the conference.  The Collaborative will cover one night lodging and some meals but cannot reimburse presenters for other incurred expenses. 

If you have questions about the conference or the proposal process, please contact Ralph Evans, Director at, or by phone at (252) 578-5003.

I.   Title of Presentation (as it will appear in the conference program):

Area of Focus (Check the one area that most closely matches your presentation):

Beginning Teacher Requirements  Praxis/Pearson Strategies
Classroom Management Student Engagement
Content Literacy Support Coach Focus Group
Differentiated Instruction The Law and Beginning Teachers / Staying Employed
ESL (Meeting the needs of ESL students) Technology for the Classroom
Exceptional Children Strategies for Regular Classrooms (Inclusion)   Understanding the Culture of Poverty
Motivating the Hard to Reach Student Using Data to Guide Instruction
Multi-Cultural Diversity Writing Across the Curriculum
Parent Involvement / Conferencing Other (Specify below):
Planning for Effective Instruction  

Categories of Instructional Strategies that Affect Student Achievement (Check all categories addressed by your presentation):

Identifying similarities and differences   Cooperative learning
Summarizing and note taking   Homework and practice
Questions, cues, and advance organizers   Nonlinguistic representations
Setting objectives and providing feedback   Generating and testing hypotheses
Reinforcing effort and providing recognition    Other

        Select Targeted Audience:       Select Targeted Subject: 


II.   Program Abstract (as it will appear in the conference program)

      Provide an abstract describing your session in 100 words or less, exactly as you wish it to appear in the official conference program.

      Please type and proof prior to returning.  Longer abstracts cannot be accepted.



III.  Room Arrangement/Equipment

 All session rooms will be equipped with a projection screen.  If other equipment is needed (VCR, DVD Player, TV, LCD projector, etc.), the presenter must provide it.

IV.  Resources / Printed Materials  

You will need to bring an appropriate number of copies of handouts per session (30-40), or provide links to related resources.  Unfortunately, the conference cannot be responsible for any copying. 

V.  Presenter 


Last Name: First Name:
School: Grade/Subject:

*  If you are not an employee of a school system enter your place of employment in the "School" field and your area of expertise in the "Grade/Subject" field.

Concurrent sessions are 75 minutes in length and take place Saturday April 28, 2018 8:30am - 3:30 pm and Sunday April 29, 2018 9:00 - 10:15 am. 

Are you willing to present two sessions if needed?       Yes            No

Additional Guests:  The Collaborative will cover lodging and meals for presenters only.  Rates are based upon two persons per room.  Additional guests, such as spouse and/or children will be the responsibility of the individual.  If you plan to bring additional guests, please list them below:


Which night(s) will you need lodging?       Friday     Saturday     Either Neither

Enter any special accommodations you may require (i.e. dietary or medical considerations):

    Indicate Menu Considerations

 When you submit your online registration, you will view a confirmation form.  Print the form for your records before closing the preview.

You will be notified as soon as the agenda is finalized.  You may request the number of participants registered for your session (s) as soon as the registration process is completed.

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